Sources Debate Over Cause Of Whitney Houston’s Death; Family Says ‘Not A Suicide’

Wendy Geller
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It's only been a very short while since superstar Whitney Houston was found dead in the bathtub of her Beverly Hilton hotel suite. Los Angeles officials, currently involved in investigating the tragedy, are maintaining on Monday morning that the exact cause of her Saturday afternoon demise is--as of yet--unknown.

However, celeb news site TMZ is reporting that coroner's officials have told Houston's family that she died due to a dose of Xanax and other prescription drugs mixed with alcohol.

Los Angeles assistant chief coroner Ed Winter gave a somewhat different story to ABC News, confirming that officials found prescription bottles in Houston's hotel room--but nothing he considered out of the ordinary or cause for concern.

"I have more prescriptions than what was found in her room," Winter noted.

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More chilling details continue to come to light as the case is investigated. Police revealed Monday that Houston's body was submerged underwater in the bathtub when she was discovered. TMZ's report notes that due to the relatively small amount of water in her lungs, it was surmised that she may have died before her head slipped under the bathwater.

Also at odds are varying stories as to who first found Houston's body. The official report states that a staff member first discovered her; TMZ is reporting that it was actually her aunt, Mary Jones, who came in to lay out Houston's dress for the evening.

Another theory that is currently circulating about Houston's death is that the 48-year-old singer chose to deliberately take her own life.

However, a member of Houston's family has come forward and firmly denied that her death was due to suicide.

"Oh no, this is accidental," said Billy Watson, whose sister is married to Houston's brother Gary. "She wouldn't have left her daughter like that. She wouldn't have done that to her daughter."

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Watson told ABC News that the family will be flying out to New Jersey on Monday and Tuesday. Houston's body, which left Los Angeles on Monday, is expected to be housed at a Newark, NJ funeral home that also handled arrangements for Houston's father in 2003.

Houston gave her last performance on Thursday at Grammy nominee Kelly Price's party, held at Hollywood nightclub Tru. According to Price, Houston was not acting under the influence, but merely having a good time dancing and socializing at the gathering.