Songs About Werewolves

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A werewolf is a tough Halloween costume to do well. You can easily end up looking like a large teddy bear if not done right. But with a little bit of effort, a werewolf costume can turn heads and be truly frightening.

The werewolf, or lycanthrope was born of European folklore, and it's quite a good metaphor for mankind's battle to overcome our primitive animal instincts. The werewolf is said to begin life as a normal person, but when the full moon rises they transform into a wolf-monster with a thirst for human blood. Lycanthropes rampage through the countryside taking victims. But when they awake the next morning covered in blood, they have no recollection of what took place.

It's a terrifying prospect.

This Halloween many of you will transform into werewolves with the help of fur and spirit gum. This playlist should fit the bill as you complete your transition to beast. It includes 22 great werewolf inspired tracks.

Songs About Werewolves
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