Songs About Santa Claus

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The Santa Claus we know today is largely based on the Dutch figure "Sinterklaas", who was based on the real-life Saint Nicholas, a Greek bishop from the 4th century. Nicholas is a saint that is said to have been responsible for great miracles, including bringing the dead back to life.

One of the most popular stories of Saint Nicholas has to do with a poor man and his three daughters. Since the man could not afford a dowry, his daughters were bound for a life of prostitution since they would remain unmarried, and unable to earn a living any other way. It is said that St. Nicholas heard of the families plight, and secretly delivered gold to the family right before each daughter came of age. St. Nicholas wanted to keep his charity a secret, so when one of the daughter's came of age he dropped a sack full of gold down the chimney where it landed in the girl's stocking, which was hung on the fireplace mantel to dry.

You can probably see where this bit of folklore led.

This playlist includes contemporary versions of songs inspired by Santa Claus, the most famous and beloved person for millions of children across the world.

Songs About Santa Claus
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