Songs That Sample Kraftwerk

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This year, the German electronic pioneers Kraftwerk were nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The biggest news at the time was that Rush finally made the cut. But the masses asked, "Who the hell is Kraftwerk?"

Well, Kraftwerk are one of the most influential musical acts that most people have never heard of. The Hall of Fame summed it up well when they wrote, "Kraftwerk is the foundation upon which all synthesizer-based rock and roll and electronic dance music is built."

This is the group that made it okay to embrace new technology for making music. Today, there is nary a record made without the use of computers, but back in 1970, when Kraftwerk formed, it was truly cutting edge stuff. And amazingly, if you listen to their older records today, they do not sound dated.

Kraftwerk did not make the final cut, but if the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's main interest is recognizing influence over popularity, they will be there one day.

This playlist includes songs that sample the music of Kraftwerk, and is a good example of just how deep their influence runs.

Songs That Sample Kraftwerk
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