Songs Named After America’s Greatest Authors

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Yesterday I posted a playlist of songs inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. As I was doing a little research I came across the website This site is an aggregator of "Greatest Lists". The site claims to prevent "ballot stuffing" in order to get a good sense of how its users rank any number of things. listed Edgar Allan Poe as the fourth greatest American author of all time.

So who are the top 10?

Here's who they currently have listed:

1. Mark Twain
2. William Faulkner
3. Ernest Hemingway
4. Edgar Allan Poe
5. John Steinbeck
6. Tennessee Williams
7. Cormac McCarthy
8 . Flannery O'Connor
9. Harlan Ellison
10. David Foster Wallace

This playlist includes a song for each of these, with the exception of Harlan Ellison, for whom I could not find song on Spotify. I included a song by my personal favorite American author instead, Herman Melville, who came in at #12. I felt that this travesty needed to be corrected.

Who would be on your Top 10 American Authors list?

Songs Named After America's Greatest Authors

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