Songs About Mummies

Robert of the Radish
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One great thing about Halloween is that people are free to become anything they want. But of all the costume choices available, I still love it when I see a well-done, classic monster. I'm talking about the big 7 -- Frankenstein, vampire, werewolf, witch, zombie, ghost, and mummy. Although these monsters have been the most popular for a long time, costumes range from lazy caricatures to the realistically scary .

Next to throwing a sheet over yourself and calling yourself a ghost, a mummy is one of the easiest costumes that can be done, all you need is a good supply of gauze and a friend willing to wrap you up. But if you choose to do a truly realistic mummy for Halloween, it can be one of the most make-up intensive, and creepiest costumes around. And oh, being a "sexy" mummy is probably the most stupid costume you can pick, so don't do it. If you're going to be a mummy, do it right!

This playlist includes a dozen songs about mummies, so if you're investing time putting on a mummy costume this year, this is the perfect soundtrack.

Songs About Mummies
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