Songs For A Meteor Shower

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Even if you're not a stargazer, tonight and tomorrow night (August 11th/12th & 12th/13th, 2013) is a must see event. If you're outside during the hours of 10:30PM and 4:00AM be sure to spend some time looking at the stars.

Once a year, the Earth passes through debris left by the comet Swift–Tuttle, which has an orbital period of every 133 years. The last time Swift-Tuttle passed by was in 1992 when it was visible with binoculars. As the debris enters our atmosphere it produces a fantastic meteor shower. This is the best time to wish upon a falling star, and it's possible to see 100 of them per hour. That's 100 wishes per hour! This year is even more special because the moon happens to be relatively dim, making it easier to see the falling stars.

If you can't stay up late, try to wake up early, this is something you don't want to miss.

This playlist is a fine set of songs to go with your meteor viewing, it includes songs inspired by falling stars.

Songs For A Meteor Shower
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