Songs Inspired By David Bowie

Robert of the Radish
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It's impractically hard to find people willing to argue against David Bowie's iconic status. He's one of those rare artists who have not only stood the test of time, but have found both critical and commercial success. And no matter how you slice it, that's something really hard to achieve. Pop hits and commercial success can be produced like a product, and critical darlings can have a hard time making an impact on the mainstream. Bowie made both seem effortless.

As with any artist of Bowie's stature, his impact on the work of younger artists is palpable, even today. I have already published a playlist of David Bowie cover songs about three years ago, but for this playlist I've looked for songs that call him out by name in the song title.

Some of the songs in this playlist honor David Bowie, some of them poke fun, and some are only a passing reference to the man. But they are all an example of just how much Bowie's work has influenced popular culture.

And at 65, I'm afraid future Bowie albums are a limited commodity.

Songs Inspired By David Bowie

1. Bowie - Flight Of The Conchords

2. With David Bowie - Veruca Salt

3. David Bowie - Big Sky

4. David Bowie - Phish

5. Not David Bowie - Tori Amos

6. David Bowie Cries For No One - Cranky

7. David Bowie Wants Ideas - Bongwater

8. Fighting David Bowie - Gods Of The Radio

9. David Bowie Had A Discotheque - Android 80's

10. Bathtime for Bowie - Adam and Joe

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