Songs to Help You Through a Hangover

Robert of the Radish
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The New Year's Day hangover cannot be avoided if you choose to drink too much on New Year's Eve. But it can be minimized. Some ways to make your hangover less painful include:

1. Drink a lot of water! This included sucking down some H2O before you drink alcohol, and the next day. Being well hydrated may be the single most beneficial thing you can do if you drink too much.

2. Sleep! If you're sleeping, you're not in pain. Try to sleep in as long as you can.

3. Eat plain, non-spicy food. You have to eat, but keep it plain and simple. Toast, crackers, pretzels...

4. Take an aspirin. It can kill that headache.

5. Take vitamin B and vitamin C. These are the two vitamins known to help a hangover.

6. Avoid loud sounds and bright lights. Stay inside and relax. This playlist can help! It includes over an hour of mellow, acoustic-based music that can help soothe your hangover instead of amplifying it.

Happy 2014!

Songs To Help You Through A Hangover