Songs For Girls Named Mandy

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Women have inspired so many songs that it would be impossible to classify them all. In fact, you could probably make a pretty decent playlist for almost every female name known. Songs inspired by men are abundant too, but the female gender wins for being  the top inspiration for songs about love, whether it's good love, love gone bad, or even just admiration from across the room.

We've done a good deal of playlists based on first names here at the Y! Music Playlist blog, including: Songs About Girls Named Melissa, Songs Inspired By Women Named Jenny, and even a playlist of the Top Baby Names For Girls.

For this playlist I've chosen to do compile a collection of songs about women named Mandy -- inspired by the Barry Manilow hit, which was originally a hit by Scott English in the UK, but was titled "Brandy".

The name "Mandy" is of Latin-American origin and it means "worthy of love", so it's really a great name for a love song.

Mandy is a nickname for Amanda, or Miranda and thus could be included as part of a more comprehensive playlist, but for this list I'm only using the nickname "Mandy".

What would you add?

Songs For Girls Named Mandy

1. Mandy - Barry Manilow

2. Mandy Is Two - Billie Holiday

3. Mandy - Fats Waller

4. I'm Mandy Fly Me - 10cc

5. Mandy - Ratatat

6. Mandy - Bedroom Walls

7. Mandy - Eddie Cantor

8. Mandy Jane - Basil Tait Trio

9. Mandy, Make Up Your Mind - Jim Cullum

10. Mandy - Saxon

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