Songs About Fictional Cities

Robert of the Radish
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Writers, artists, filmmakers and songwriters have forged fictional cities for as long as real cities have existed.  Some of these cities are places we would love to live, ideal locations for a perfect society. Others are dark places devoid of hope and love, and some are simply reflections of real cities, or caricatures of reality.

For this playlist I wanted to explore songs about fictional cities.

There is not a clear dividing line between what constitutes a city and what constitutes a town, but cities are general larger, have a more complex government, and  significant infrastructure.  Because there are literally thousands of songs to choose from, I decided not to include "towns" in this list. In fact, a whole separate playlist of songs about fictional towns is now on my to-do list.

I understand that this playlist, at 25 songs, only scratches the surface. So please feel free to add your choices to the comments.

Also, in what fictional city would you most like to live?

Songs About Fictional Cities

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