Songs For The 4th of July

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Next week we celebrate the 237th year of independence in the United States of America.  It's a time to remember the birth of our nation and relax with our friends and family. Many of us have the day off thanks to a 1938 act of Congress that made Independence Day an official paid federal holiday.

The 4th of July is a pretty big deal here.

The patriotic fever is at an all time high as Americans think back on our humble beginnings and our accomplishments since. And this time of year is by far, the best time for firework merchants in America, and you can usually find a majority of families outside in the sun barbequing and drinking some cold alcoholic beverages. I'm not really sure who thought combining explosives and alcohol was a good foundation for a holiday, but there it is.

Music also plays a prominent role on the 4th of July. Orchestras across the nation perform at large gatherings in synch with the explosions in the sky and backyards are filled with every type of music you can imagine. The diversity of colors gives a nod to the great diversity of cultures to be found in this beautiful melting pot.

For this playlist I've pulled together a bunch of appropriate songs for the 4th of July. So turn it up, then turn up the grill!

Happy birthday America!

Songs For The 4th of July
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