Soldier Belts Out Moving Cover of Rihanna’s ‘Stay’

Laura Ferreiro
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By Laura Ferreiro

A gorgeous and moving cover of Rihanna's bittersweet ballad,"Stay," sung by a U.S. soldier in uniform has been taking people's breath away as the video goes viral on the internet.

The video is incredibly simple – it features the soldier wearing fatigues sitting on a table eating cereal before he launches into an emotional rendition of the tune from Rihanna's latest album, Unapologetic.

He starts out by saying, "Shout out to Rihanna. I love you."

According to MStars, the soldier is Paul Iloilo Leti, and he shot the video in Afghanistan. When he uploaded it to his Facebook page, it went viral and has already received more than 24,000 "likes."

It's also exploding on YouTube, where Stephen Leasiolagi commented, "Another great cover! If any of you guys want to listen to more of his covers, search Paul Ieti. He's a close friend back home in Am. Samoa. Malo Uso!"

We don't know whether Rihanna has seen his cover yet, but we can only imagine she'd be blown away.

This isn't the first time the soldier has belted out famous artists' tunes on camera – he also covered Marc Anthony and Craig David on YouTube.