Snowflake Songs

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In winter, it's hard to avoid news stories about snowstorms causing a whole lot of trouble somewhere. From school and work cancellations, to power outages and car accidents. Snow can wreak havoc on a community. But for all of its destructive power, snow is beautiful -- especially in the morning before the masses have had a chance to trample and transform it into dirty slush. But to see the true beauty of snow you have to look closer, down to the level of the individual snowflake. The image in this blog is of a real snowflake, created by nature and completely unique.

Snowflakes are a great device for the songwriter since they represent beauty, purity, uniqueness and delicateness. For this playlist I've pulled together 10 songs that all use the snowflake to some degree. Most, but not all of them sound delicate and fragile, just as you would expect.

What would you add?

Snowflake Songs

1. Identical Snowflakes - Hem

2. Snowflake - Kate Bush

3. Snowflakes - Pizzicato Five

4. Purple Snowflakes - Marvin Gaye

5. Snowflakes - Guy Lombardo

6. When Snowflakes Fall In Summer - The Everly Brothers

7. Snowflake In A Hot World - Mercury Rev

8. Snowflakes - White Apple Tree

9. Snowflakes Of Love - Toni Braxton

10. Snowflake - Sparrows

11. Snowflake - Sparrows

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