Snoop Lion Documents Connecticut And Columbine Shootings In ‘No Guns Allowed’ Video

Billy Johnson, Jr.
Hip-Hop Media Training (NEW)

Snoop Lion takes a stance against guns in the video for his song “No Guns Allowed” that premiered Tuesday on Noisey.

The collaboration with Snoop’s daughter Cori B and Drake opens with footage of President Barack Obama addressing the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in December. Obama says, “We gather here in memory of beautiful children.”

The video directed by Jessy Terreo employs extreme measures to condemn gun use. Throughout, several newspaper headlines about senseless shootings are scrolled across the screen. News outtakes about the massacres in Connecticut, Columbine, Aurora and other places across the globe are played. B-roll footage of innocent children playing with guns is also used.

In one chilling scene, a toddler is curiously, holding a pistol and points the barrel at his face. In another, a group of young boys play a spin-the-bottle like game with a 9mm. At the 1:37 mark, a gunshot interrupts the video to launch a 16-second edit of broadcast news stories about murders.

Snoop says the song tackles a timely topic. “It’s a powerful song and we hope to send a positive message that hits home with people,” he says in a statement. “We’ve seen too much bloodshed involving guns and we want to prevent the next incident from happening. That’s what it’s all about, trying to bring awareness and push love and peace.”

In an interview with Yahoo! Music, Snoop said it was great to record this song with his daughter. “She’ll be able to go with me on this journey to be able to speak to people about gun violence,” he said.

“No Guns Allowed” is from Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated album, due out on April 23. Executive produced by Diplo and Major Lazer production team, the album also features collabs with Chris Brown, T.I., Busta Rhymes, Akon, Rita Ora, Popcaan and Mavado, among others.

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