Snoop Lion Celebrates Rastafarianism In “La La La” Video

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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I admit to being skeptical of Snoop Dogg's new Snoop Lion persona. Was this just a publicity stunt, a reason to celebrate the Rastafarian's pro-ganja lifestyle?

But Snoop appears sincere in the video for his reggae debut "La La La," directed by Eli Roth, who produced RZA's "The Man With The Iron Fists." The song is produced by Major Lazer. Snoop has traded his braids for dreads and is surrounded by kids in a fun, island-themed video incorporating the Jamaican colors red, yellow and green.

In a trailer for his documentary "Reincarnated," also the title of his forthcoming reggae album, Snoop visits Jamaica and talks about his desire to evolve as an artist.

"I've been on the top ever since I been in it," Snoop said. "I got rap song that will never die. That ain't with no disrespect but I'm tired of rapping. I want to do a whole record with no rapping."

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