Sleepwalking Songs

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Somnambulism is a sleeping disorder better known to most as "sleepwalking". It's a real disorder that affects just under 4% of adults, but it's more common among children. Sleepwalking is clustered in families and is not necessarily linked with mental disorders. Most sleepwalkers do simple actions like sitting up in bed or walking into a different room. But there are reported cases of much more complex actions being done by sleepwalkers, like driving, having sex, or even murder. I suppose sleepwalking would be a pretty convenient excuse and it has been used as a defense for crimes, although not very successfully.

Sleepwalking is certainly mysterious and it's been used a great deal in popular music. A songwriter can use a sleepwalker to describe someone doing something they're not consciously aware of, whether for benefit or for ill.

In other words, it's a great theme on which to build a story.

For this playlist I've pulled together an eclectic collection of songs that all use sleepwalking as a theme.

What would you add?

Sleepwalking Songs

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