Who Or What Is A Skrillex And Why So Many Grammys?

Tiffany Lee
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Is it a frying pan? Is it a new kind of teeth whitener? Something that shoots lasers? Nope, Skrillex is none of those things (well, there are certainly lasers involved). Los Angeles-based dubstep poster boy Skrillex has been making waves as dance music's underdog both with his frantic musical style and his distinct look to the thrill of many and the revulsion of others. Despite the dichotomous opinions about him, Skrillex has received not one, but FIVE Grammy nominations this year, including Best New Artist, Best Dance Recording and Best Short Form Music Video. In the end, it's hard to argue with distinguished results as Skrillex's ground-up production is believed to usher in the new rave generation.

Last year's unexpected Grammy winners were Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire and jazz singer Esperanza Spalding, this year's leading nomination curiosities are Skrillex and indie folk band Bon Iver. While Bon Iver is certainly not a new band for those even vaguely interested the indie scene, Skrillex in name has only been around since 2008. He has already played to huge, rabid festival crowds that some of his fellow Grammy nominees certainly dream about.

Born Sonny John Moore, the diminutive musician was first the lead singer of the well-received screamo band From First To Last. But after vocal problems forced Moore to get surgery, he resigned from the band and went solo. Remade with the stage name Skrillex, the dj has gained such a strong following with the help of dubstep guru Deadmau5 that he recently appeared solo on the cover of Spin magazine.

But with quick recognition comes quick internet parody: With his long black hair that is shaved on the side, oversized nerd glasses, facial piercings and giant plugs, Skrillex became the subject of a Tumblr dedicated to "Girls That Look Like Skrillex". Turns out his look was already so widespread among scenester girls he was given the "Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber" treatment. Even dubstep as a genre has been openly mocked by music aficionados. An entire episode of South Park was dedicated to how the signature slow, heavy beats sound like potty noises.

One pointed out that dubstep is the electronic equivalent of the Limp Bizkit/Linkin Park era. Skrillex has already worked on Korn's new latest effort, so the connection to the now shunned 90s nu-metal craze is pretty accurate. While this may sound like a point of disdain, Limp Bizkit and those bands were unstoppable in their day--it can be expected that Skrillex may have the same effect.

Watch Skrillex's Grammy nominated music video for "First of the Year". Do you think Skrillex deserved to be nominated?

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