Sister Sledge: Best Soul Girl Groups Countdown

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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The members of Sister Sledge released their debut single, "Time Will Tell," in 1971 when they were still teenagers, ranging in age from 12 to 16. At the time, they sounded like a female version of The Jackson 5. But their style matured drastically by the time of the release of their first album, 1975's "Circle Of Love."

Members: Kim, Debbie, Joni and Kathy Sledge

Founded: 1971

Previously Known As: Mrs. Williams' Grandchildren

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Biggest Hits: "We Are Family," "He's The Greatest Dancer," "All The Man I Need"

Style: R&B, disco, pop

Label: Atlantic Records

Bragging Rights: Will Smith sampled their song "He's The Greatest Dancer" for his hit "Gettin' Giggy Wit It." They also sang "All The Man I Need" which was first recorded by Linda Clifford and later covered by Whitney Houston.

Co-sign: Says Season 9 "American Idol" finalist Michael "Big Mike" Lynche: "'We Are Family' is one of the best songs, most well-known, most requested songs of all time."

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