Shirtless Harry Styles Shows Off Odd Tattoos On Vacation

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

One Direction bad boy Harry Styles is on the fast track to getting inked up like a biker. The UK singer was recently spotted by fans on holiday in the British Virgin Islands with unconfirmed girlfriend Taylor Swift, during which photogs captured the full extent of Styles' strange tattoo collection.

Since turning 18 on February 1 last year, Styles appears to have been going under the needle every chance he could, whether it's his professionally done pirate ship or a wonky padlock done by fellow UK singer Ed Sheeran. But the majority of his tattoos look scrawled on by a buddy, prison-style! Along with his professionally done pirate ship, swallows, bird cage, comedy/tragedy masks and “17 Black”, the singer also showed off hardly perfect tattoos of “Might as well…” on his hip, LA, NY and LON, “Can I cry?”, a coat hanger, a heart, a fish skeleton and other various scribbles, including actual scribble lines on his left arm.

There's a good deal of debate over the meaning of the teen heartthrob's tattoos--his "165998" tattoo could be his X Factor audition number and "17 Black" is said to be James Bond's lucky gambling number--and Styles' tattoo artist Kevin Paul insisted the ones he has done for the One Directioner have deep meanings he cannot reveal. But we're willing to bet that, as band mate Louis Tomlinson blurted to Styles during an interview, "You got it because you think they look cool. There's not that much meaning."

While Styles is clearly not picky when it comes to what he gets permanently needled into his skin, or who does it, the teen heartthrob will quickly run out of room at this rate.

But tattoos aside, can we say a little prayer for the little ponytail he sported on holiday? At least that mess isn’t permanent!

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