Senior Citizens in Stockholm Face Harassment Charges After Blasting Iron Maiden at Neighbors’ House in Ongoing Noise Battle

Jon Wiederhorn
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By Jon Wiederhorn

AC/DC once wrote "Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution." A pair of senior citizens in Stockholm may soon find out that’s not always true. The elderly couple is facing criminal harassment charges for cranking Iron Maiden as late as 4 a.m. in an ongoing feud with a neighbor, reported Aftonbladet daily newspaper.

The 81-year-old husband and his 71-year-old wife were fed up with their senior neighbors because of a "whistling sound" that emanated from their apartment, so they began fighting back with the power of metal. The volume battle carried on through the winter until the neighbors became enraged and called the police.

One neighbor described this situation as "pure terror" and added, "The volume of the basement is crazy high, you can hear the music from the street. The whole situation is extreme."

When cops finally arrived at the house they had to break down the door to get into the terraced house blasting the metal. There, they found a music system placed on the balcony pointed at the neighbor’s house playing Iron Maiden’s "Afraid to Shoot Strangers" from Maiden’s 1992 Fear of the Dark album at earsplitting volume. Further investigation discovered a second music system in the cellar pointed directly at the neighbor’s bedroom wall.

"The harassment has just carried on. I am completely broken down," the harassed neighbor told a reporter. "How can I keep living here?"

The Iron Maiden-loving senior citizen complained to police that she only fought back because her neighbors' noises grated on her nerves so heavily she had to start taking sleeping pills.

"We wanted to give a taste of their own medicine," she said.