Is Selena Gomez Channeling Early Jennifer Lopez in New Video?

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Selena Gomez is aiming straight for the top with her sexiest video "Slow Down." The 21-year-old writhes and shimmies in crop tops, revealing low-cut blouses and hot shorts reminiscent of the reigning Latina Mas Fina Jennifer Lopez in the early years of her singing career.

Did the Disney star choose JLo as her inspiration for her transition to a more adult image? We can't say for sure, but based on these striking comparisons, all signs point to yes. A vision of inimitable beauty, strength and swag, Gomez as a long ways to go before she can exude the same sultry vibe as Lopez, but she's on her way. Her latest single "Slow Down" is a electronic-laced dance pop song similar to Lopez's own 1999 song "Waiting For Tonight," and the premise for both music videos are almost identical. Both leading ladies are dancing in front of flashing lights and sweating in dance floor crowds. The only big difference is that Gomez is in Paris and Lopez is on a tropical party island.

Even Gomez's dancing seems like an attempt to emulate Lopez's early years as a Fly Girl on '90s sketch comedy show 'In Living Color.' But given that Lopez was a dancer before making waves as an actress and singer, her moves are much more advanced than Gomez's at this point. Still, Gomez's choreographed moves bears enough similarity to point out.

The parallels don't end there, Selena has been taking on Jennifer's looks on stage too, wearing a long-sleeved crop top and baggy pants combo similar to the many looks JLo rocked in the early 2000s.

But perhaps the most interesting comparison is the fact that Gomez wore an outfit and hairdo in "Slow Down" that is almost identical to one that Lopez wore when portraying Tejano singer Selena Perez in the 1997 autobiographical movie "Selena." Also, Selena Gomez is named after the slain singer, having been born three years before her death. So many connections!

Do you think Selena Gomez is on her way to being the new JLo? Leave your comments below!

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