Is Selena Gomez Back With Justin Bieber Just in Time to Boost Both’s Careers?

Jon Wiederhorn
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By Jon Wiederhorn

It’s too early to tell if the romantic reconnection between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will transport the couple back into a lucrative Disney-like love story and help repair their public profiles, or if the two are destined to end up more like Sid and Nancy. But one thing’s clear: As they both grow further into early adulthood, they continue to stray from their squeaky-clean teen-pop pasts.

Last month, Gomez promoted her first adult role in the controversial Harmony Korine film Spring Breakers by posing for a gazillion photos in a revealing bikini. And now Gomez has posted a teaser for her new video "Come and Get It," in which she’s let down her hair and, uh, removed practically everything else as well.

In the 37-second-long clip, Gomez is depicted swimming Blue Lagoon-style in the ocean, dancing around a fire in a see-through red dress, nuzzling up to a man’s bare chest, and traipsing through a fiend of flowers in a flowing beige dress.

"Music video for Come and Get It coming to you guys really soon," tweeted Gomez, along with a revealing photo from the shoot of her shoulder-deep in the water, eyes closed, mouth slightly open, as if fantasizing about Bieber.

The music video will premiere May 7 at 7:53pm on MTV. Gomez debuted audio for "Come and Get It" live April 14 on the MTV Movie Awards. The racy song features the lyrics: "You ain’t gotta worry, it’s an open invitation/I’ll be sittin’ right here real patient/All day all night I’ll be waitin’ standby/Can’t stop because I love it, hate the way I love you."

Gomez has denied that the song’s about Bieber, but lyrics like "This love ain’t finished yet, so baby whenever" suggest otherwise. Bieber and Gomez have reportedly been on-agan, off-again as a couple since they broke up in November 2012. In January 2013, they were apparently over. Then Bieber started posting revealing photos of the couple together on his Instagram account, one of Gomez holding his bare back while he typed on his computer. The caption read, "Been makin music for too long babe come cuddle."

Not all of Gomez’s friends are happy that the couple is back together. "We did everything we could to keep them apart but he was so persistent,” a source reportedly "It’s really unhealthy they have such a turbulent relationship at such a young age. He leaves her in floods of tears constantly. She has had a really difficult year or so dealing with the tense emotions that come with dating him. We thought she had finally broken free."

During the time the couple was broken up, Bieber seemed to unravel. He was accused of spitting on a neighbor, wrote a comment in the guest book at the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam that some found offensive, fainted at a London concert, threatened a paparazzo, and narrowly escaped arrest in Stockholm because the police couldn’t trace the marijuana and stun gun they found on his bus back to him.

"If Bieber’s erratic behavior continues, it could take a toll on his bottom line,” reported Dorothy Pomerantz of "While fans will likely keep buying his music, his merchandise sales could suffer. And corporations might not want to be associated with him if he can’t maintain his brand image."

Interestingly, Gomez has reconnected with Bieber at a time when she’s ramping up to release her first solo album, scheduled for release this summer. The album coincide with a tour, which launches August 14 in Vancouver, British Columbia, and runs through November 17 in Kansas City.