See Taylor Swift’s Cute Lyric Video For ‘Eyes Open’

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Taylor Swift won't have much time for doodling and composing lyrics at her desk this weekend, as she'll no doubt have her mind busy with Sunday's 2012 Billboard Music Awards (she's up for Top Touring Artist and Top Country Artist of the year). However, it seems that her writing elements take on a life of their own--even when she's not around.

Or, so it would appear from her clever lyric video for "Eyes Open." Swift's Hunger Games tune is given a cute twist in this video treatment--balled-up pieces of paper jump from a wastebasket, post-it notes march across the desk, and markers dance to create a running stream of the song's lyrics. It's all very...enchanted. And, of course, very Swift-like.

Be sure to tune in to the Billboard Music Awards on May 20, which will air live from Las Vegas at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Swift scored three awards last year, including the prestigious Top Billboard 200 Artist of the year recognition.

-- Wendy Geller

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