See it First: Controversial Band the Slants Premiere New Vid for 'Adopted'

The New Now

When Portland, Ore.'s  Simon Tam decided to start a band, he had more than just music on his mind. Tam, who is Asian-American and interested in race issues, chose a name for the outfit that deliberately addressed Asian stereotypes — the Slants. Aside from the obvious implication (we're sure you can figure it out), Tam and his bandmates liked the name for its "fun, New Wave" feel, as well as the play on words: Everyone has their own "slant" on life.

Less impressed with "the Slants," however, is the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, who denied the band's request to trademark the name on the grounds that it is racially charged and offensive. Tam is appealing the case, holding fast to his conviction that his use of "slant" is empowering and that he and his all-Asian bandmates have not received complaints from the Asian community at large.

At any rate, the Slants know how to make danceable music as well as provoke thoughs on social issues, so we at Yahoo Music are excited to premiere the band's new video for single "Adopted." Turn it up and get ready to rock...


The Slants aren't afraid to make statements beyond their name. The band's latest release is The Yellow Album, which Tan admits is another sometimes derogatory term he and his group are examining and, in their own way, reclaiming.