See it First! Award-Winning Violinist Joshua Bell's Hilarious 'Christmas Confusion'

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Ho, ho...oh no. It's that time of year again, when Christmas descends abruptly upon us (before Thanksgiving dinner has even been served!). If you're feeling a little panicky at the thought of the season, here's an unexpected tidbit of humor to get you ready to face the music!

Grammy-winning virtuoso violinist Joshua Bell just released his latest set, Musical Gifts from Joshua Bell and Friends, in October -- it's an extravaganza including collaborations with Gloria Estefan, Alison Krauss, Kristin Chenoweth, Chris Botti, Chick Corea, Branford Marsalis, and more. When making the video for the piece "Christmas Confusion,"  Bell and his pals, acclaimed classical comedy duo Igudesman & Joo, decided to have a little fun. We all know our Jewish friends can feel left out at Christmas...we dare you not to laugh at Bell's lighthearted handling of this. (Hint: It involves pianist Hyung-ki Joo.) 


If you're not familiar with Bell, you may recall him from the famous "Washington Post experiment" which was shared extensively on social media and touched many hearts/minds. In in, Bell poses as an unidentified busker in the Washington D.C. subway, playing his violin for tips. Only one person recognized him, and a mere seven people out of more than a thousand stopped to listen to his music. He collected about $30 total; a fraction of what a ticket to one of his official performances would cost.