Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

We see by our watch that it's time to have Justin Bieber back in Framed... the terms of our contract can oft be harsh!... but, rather than feature the solo Beeb, we thought it might be fun to see his team-up with Jamaican fusion artist Sean Kingston.

It all happened in 2010, when Justin helped out on Sean's "Eenie Meenie," a dance-pop tune that takes a musical look at the little-examined phenomenon of faithlessness. It was co-written by Sean, Justin, and — we're not making this up — five other people.

Yes, it took a total of seven people to write this song. That was in case Justin and Sean fouled out. And, to be fair, one of the lyrics is "Catch a bad chick by her toe," so it's not like all that talent was wasted or anything.

In any case, you're sure to enjoy the song, the video, and our captions, translated this week from the original Ukrainian. We'll be right back here again next week, so please let us know what you think about everything.

Harnoho dnja!

1 — "I guess that, under the right conditions, the balcony could collapse. What're you gettin' at?"

2 — "What'd he do, eat Justin Bieber?"

3 — "Life is sure sweet, now that I look like I'm 12."

4 — Despite his astonishing power, Triplicate Sean was rejected by the Legion of Super Heroes!

5 — "'Straddle the line between adolescence and adulthood' for as long as I can? Say..."

6 — Neither Justin Bieber (R) nor Justin Wannabieber (L) drool. That much.

7 — "Dude! You're outside of the frame!"

8 — "Hey! This thing even gets Yahoo! Music! But a smaller Yahoo! Music!"

9 — "So we agree, Justin? We'll divide the profits of the entire music industry based on our respective weights?"

10 — "Now to simply wish a large pizza into existence!'

11 — "Mmm, I smell pastries! You smell pastries, JB?"

12 — "C'mon! Is that drink filled with tasty sugar, baby?"