Seacrest Pecs Out! Behold Ryan’s Shirtless ’90s Modeling Pic

Lyndsey Parker
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"American Idol" has a slogan: "They all start somewhere." And that applies even to the show's venerable host, Ryan Seacrest.

So in honor of the Season 13 "Idol" auditions getting underway this month, here's an amusingly beefcakey photo of Ryan Seacrest in his early modeling days, long before he became the prince of all media.

This chesty, cheesy photo was shot way back in 1994, when Ryan was only 19 — but it has somehow gone viral this week, as often happens on the Interweb. That same year, shortly after this pinup-worthy pic was snapped in Los Angeles, he landed a $15/hour job hosting KYSR-FM 98.7's afternoon show (a far cry from the $15 million salary he pockets now from "Idol" alone). This led to hosting jobs on such esteemed TV shows as "Gladiators 2000" and "Wild Animal Games."

And then, in 2002, he got the gig on "Idol," and the rest was history. Now Ryan just dates models (his reported new love interest is model Dominique Piek.)

Sure, this pic is a little cringe-inducing, but it's much more flattering than Ryan's dorky childhood photo that surfaced on "Conan O'Brien" a few years ago.

Now all I want to know is…where on all of the Web is the long-lost shirtless pic of Brian Dunkleman?

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