Russell Brand: I Loved Being Married to Katy Perry

Laura Ferreiro
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By Laura Ferreiro

Comedian Russell Brand is known for his promiscuous behavior and sexual exploits as much as he is for his edgy comedy, so it came as a surprise to many when he married pop star Katy Perry in a traditional Hindu ceremony in 2010.

Despite hundreds of photos of the happy couple that flooded the media, it was slightly less surprising when Brand filed for divorce 14 months later, citing "irreconcilable differences."

In a recent interview with British Esquire magazine, Brand opened up about his marriage to Perry, saying that he loved being married to the singer.

"I tried it and I loved it," he said of his union with Perry. "I really think she's a lovely, beautiful person. It's just hard isn't it? She's got a lot of options, I've got a lot of options, so you've got to really, really want it."

Brand pointed out that while keeping a marriage together can be more difficult when you're in the public eye, it's generally a lot of hard work no matter who you are.

“Some of it’s the fame, but I think getting married is… you’ve got a whole other person that you’ve got to make as important as you!” he said.

Brand also confessed that he often finds it hard to control his wandering eye and shared an anecdote of meeting his childhood idol, Morrissey.

"This is the realization of a childhood dream — my hero, the great artist Morrissey, affirming and praising my work. But while he’s talking, a girl with big tits walks past in the background, and I immediately look at her.

"It's not even a decision — it’s more like 'breathe' or 'kidneys separate urine from water.'"

Despite all this, Brand said he actually does want to get married again. But don't hold your breath, ladies – it doesn't sound like he will be ready any time soon.

"Really, I’d like to be married," he said. "I'm just not transmitting that frequency of 'Soulmate! Soulmate!' I'm transmitting the frequency of 'Mmm!'"