Valentine's Day POPsessions: Romeo Santos Lives Up to His Name

Jenny Depper
The New Now

Romeo Santos has more than a sexy name.

The Aventura singer, 32, is sizzling hot right now and is gearing up to release his second solo album, "Formula Volume 2," on Feb. 25. The "king of bachata" caught up with Yahoo as he was shooting his "one of one" Dr Pepper campaign in New York City and dished about his new album, which will be packed with star power.

"We have Drake and Nicki Minaj. Drake had mentioned my group, Aventura, in a song. He said, 'Spanish girls love me like I'm Aventura.' I was like you know what, let's give it a shot and see if he wants to participate in the album," Santos revealed. "I have songs that not only talk about love, but social themes, sad songs. I am just trying to show a lot of diversity on this album."

Since his album has several love songs, we figured it might be important to learn more about Romeo's softer side. He opened up about his favorite movie to watch on Valentine's Day, how he's serenaded women, and who his first on-screen crush was.

1. What's your favorite movie to watch on a lonely Valentine's Day?
I never get tired of watching "Titanic." There is something about the theme song. Celine Dion really ripped it on that.

2. Who was your first screen crush?
I have a few. Alyssa Milano from "Who's the Boss?" because she is still beautiful. She doesn't age. That was one of my first.

3. What's the most romantic moment in movie history?
I have to say "Titanic" and "The Notebook."

4. If someone did that "Say Anything" boom box thing outside your window, would you be into it, or call the police?
Sing to me? No, but I would do it. If someone did it to me, I wouldn't call the cops, but I'd probably call my assistant to get rid of them or something.

5. Would you date a vampire if he or she was like, an insanely super babe and totally into you?
I definitely wouldn't date a "he" vampire. I don't know, I guess sometimes you gotta get extra freaky.

6. What romantic role from history do you wish you could play?
I would probably be Romeo from "Romeo and Juliet."

7. What TV breakup still hurts to think about?
I don't know if this is really considered a TV breakup, but I guess the cancellation of the show really broke my heart because it was such a great show. The "Martin" show. I know Gina and Martin had some personal issues, but it was just rumors, and the fact that the show ended because of the issues they were having, I was really disappointed.

8. Best break-up song?
My songs. Plenty of them.

9. What's your favorite breakup movie?
I would have to say "The Break-Up." I love that movie.

10. Who is your favorite fairytale princess?

11. What love song makes you cry?
No songs get me that emotional, but I concentrate on writing songs to make people depressed. So it doesn't have an affect on me.

12. What is the best way to spend a single Valentine's Day?
Try to get hooked up! You'd go out dancing and meet people. I don't think I am a great dancer though.

13. Have you ever serenaded a girl on Valentine's Day?
Absolutely I have. I sang one of my songs. This was years ago and I sang to a girl in the projects, the mother of my child now. We're not together now, but we're still friends. I sang to her in the projects of the Bronx, which is a very dangerous neighborhood, but when you're in love you don't worry about danger.

14. Flowers or chocolates?
It depends who the girl is. It is all about what they want. If I know a girl who is into chocolates, than that is what it is. And vice versa. If they aren't into any of that, I'll think of something else.

15. What's the best song to make out to?
It depends. Because there are moments where reggae would do it. But there are a few reggaes that set the mood. Of course, Bob Marley.