Will He Rock You?: Adam Lambert Hints at Future Historic Queen Performance

Lyndsey Parker
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It is an indisputable fact that Adam Lambert's Season 8 finale collaboration with Queen stands as one of THE best "American Idol" moments ever. Their "Idol" performance was in fact so stupendous, rumors quickly ran rampant that Queen had invited him to join the band lineup permanently. That of course did not happen, but there was always the possibility that the two would someday perform together again--and then, late last year, that possibility was thrillingly realized, when Adam sang with Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast. That brilliant performance reignited hopes for more Lambert/Queen duets, and now Britain's Daily Star is reporting that the two may be joining forces again at Britain's Sonisphere festival this summer.

No one in Queen's camp has confirmed to Yahoo! at this time that the Sonisphere concert will take place, and a rep for the band tells both Yahoo! and Rolling Stone: "The Daily Star item only mentions that Adam may perform with Queen at Sonisphere. This is not confirmed. Nothing has been signed. However, if this were to happen, Queen would be returning to the setting of their final concert with Freddie Mercury, which took place in 1986."

However, Adam did tell the Daily Star this week: "After the EMAs, I heard faint little slithers of a backlash from people saying: 'You can't replace Freddie Mercury.' But I already knew that. There's no intention in my mind of replacing Freddie. That's impossible....The intention is to pay tribute to Freddie and the band by singing some f***ing great songs. It's to keep the music alive for the fans and give it an energy that Freddie would have been proud of."

If this were to happen, it would be historic for both artists. For Adam to perform with Queen on the very same stage where Freddie Mercury played his last public concert 26 years ago would be a major honor--"One I'm in no way going to shirk," Adam tells the Daily Star.

I really, really hope this is confirmed soon, so I can hop onto Yahoo! Travel and book my U.K. flight. (Sonisphere takes place July 6-8, during prime travel season!) Watch Adam's 2011 EMAs performance with Queen, and the original Queen lineup's Sonisphere performance from 1986, below. I love the fact that Adam can hit every single Mercury-rising high note in the Queen songbook, but he ISN'T trying to be a Freddie impersonator; he's being himself, which is actually the most respectful way he or any guest Queen frontman could ever honor the memory of a rock star as unique as Freddie. Let's hope this happens--and that Sonisphere opens the door for even more "Queenbert" ("Quambert"?) one-off performances in the future.

UPDATE!! Adam tweets, "Oooh them clever reporters takin my quotes outta context.... I haven't confirmed any guest appearances. I was talking about the EMA'S. That being said, I'm truly flattered by your jump to such glorious conclusions mr journalist!! :)"

Argh. Damn, you Daily Star! Oh well, let's hope where there's smoke, there's fire when it comes to this rumor...I have some frequent flier miles I'm just dying to cash in.


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