Robin Thicke’s Gender Lines Get Blurred in Parody Clips

Craig Rosen
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Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" is heating up the charts and its accompanying sexy music video is lighting up computer screens. But not everyone's a fan. Some women think the clip in which Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell Williams shake their groove thing with a bevy of topless beauties is sexist. And now, two groups have done something about it.

Mod Carousel, a Seattle-based boylesque troupe – yes, that's the male version of burlesque – has flipped the clip by changing the lyrics and redoing the video with the genders swapped, Jezebel reports.

Be warned, there's partial nudity, so the clip is NSFW.

In explaining their philosophy behind the remake, Mod Carousel said in a statement, "It's our opinion that most attempts to show female objectification in the media by swapping the genders serve more to ridicule the male body than to highlight the extent to which women get objectified and does everyone a disservice. We made this video specifically to show a spectrum of sexuality as well as present both women and men in a positive light, one where objectifying men is more than alright and where women can be strong and sexy without negative repercussions."

However, at least one of our female friends wasn't completely satisfied by the remake, because while in Thicke's original we get to gander at women's bare breasts, in the remake we don't get to see the whole enchilada. She added that the females that play the roles of Thicke, T.I., and Pharrell Williams aren't nearly as hot as their male counterparts. Finally, she said, if only they could have gotten Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell to be in the spoof, sack up and put on a G-string, that would be true justice. A girl can dream, we suppose.

A group called Full Frontal Freedom has also done their version of "Blurred Lines" to stand up for women's rights in Texas and pay tribute to pro-choice filibustering Senator Wendy Davis. The group says they're "the anti-PAC" and want to use their skills not only to pay the bills, but to "enhance civil discourse." You can check it out below.

And just for kicks, let's take another look at the clip that started it all, the Robin Thicke original. This is the version where everyone's got their tops on, so no need to hide the children's eyes:

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