Rihanna Tour Posters Too Titillating for Dublin Residents

Wendy Geller
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Rihanna may have a history of being "unapologetic" when it comes to showing off her sexy bod, but some fans seem to think she's gone too far. In fact, they've taken it upon themselves to forcibly put some clothes on the singer…after a fashion.

Billboards promoting Ri-Ri's June 21 Dublin tour stop on her current Diamonds World Tour--featuring the singer topless--mysteriously were found "dressed," with tube-top style tunics attached over the naughty bits.

No word on what upstanding Dubliner is responsible for the chivalrous act of protecting Rihanna's modesty, but the result is (perhaps unintentionally) hilarious. A few Twitter users posted shots, with one opining the cover-up job is a work of a "complete nutcase."

Rihanna's poster photo is, of course, the same one that appears on the cover of her album Unapologetic. Her bosom is actually, for all intents and purposes, covered by her elbow and some text. However, the end result is undeniably on the racy side.

The superstar has an impressive history of sharing skin with the world, with her Instagram and Twitter accounts being prime sources of R-rated imagery. She's posted photos of herself topless, bottomless, braless, in sheer clothing, and completely nude. If you dare, check out a collection of her most eyebrow-raising (not-work-safe!) moments. A slightly more clothed romp through her craziest escapades caught on film can be viewed here.