Is Rihanna’s Personal Business None Of Our Business?

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Does Rihanna gotta fight for her right to party? is the question Soren Baker and I take on in this episode of The Aftermath, the best music discussion on the net. After Chris Brown and Drake were rumored to be taking jabs at Rihanna on their respective songs, "Theraflu (Freestyle)" and "No Lie," the godfather of rap Russell Simmons chimed in. Simmons suggested that people stop complaining about Rihanna's decision to sow her wild oats because guys are celebrated for doing the same thing. The Aftermath helps decipher the nonsense.

The new music review takes a look at 2 Chainz's song "Murder" featuring Kreayshawn and its horrorcore video. But the real comedy comes in when discussing Justin Bieber's recent sagging gone bad incident.

Our quick shots discuss Jay-Z's desires to spend more time at home with his baby girl, Blue Ivy; DMX's new mixtape, "Weigh In"; and the lineup for the traveling hip-hop fest, Rock The Bells.

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