Rihanna Gets Tupac ‘Thug Life’ Tattoo On Hands

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Who knew that Rihanna was such a big Tupac Shakur fan?

Rihanna unveiled Wednesday a tattoo of one of the slain rapper's most popular sayings across her fists, "THUG LIFE." Tupac actually had the words tattooed on his abdomen.

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The "Good Girl Gone Bad" singer made her Twitter announcement with a quote from the chorus of Meek Mill's song "Tupac Back." "All these b*tches screaming that 2pac back," she wrote on her page on the social networking site.

"I #LOVE my new tattoo!!!," she added. "Can't wait for yall to se it!!! I got it in "Tibetan" this time!!!"

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Rihanna's shocking new tattoo prompted Thug Life to become a trending topic on Twitter.

In the picture posted on Lockerz, Rihanna shows off the artwork on her knuckles. Her hair is poufy and curly and she's wearing a John Lennon t-shirt. Rihanna also tweeted a picture with gangsta villain actor Danny Trejo, who she saw in the tattoo parlor.

Thug Life is also the name of a rap group formed by Tupac. The members included Tupac's stepbrother Mopreme Shakur, Rated R, Big Syke, and Macadoshis. Their 1994 album, "Thug Life: Volume 1," included the single "Pour Out A Little Liquor." The album was certified gold.