Rihanna Gets 3-Year Restraining Order Against Fan

Billy Johnson, Jr.
Hip-Hop Media Training (NEW)

Rihanna wants one particular fan to “Stay” away.

The “Diamonds” singer received a three-year restraining order Thursday, barring an obsessed fan Steveland Barrow, the New York Daily News reports. Barrow is required to stay 100 yards away from the singer until 2016.

Barrow, 31, was taken into custody in February after breaking into a home near Rihanna’s residence in the Pacific Palisades. Barrow reportedly told authorities he thought the mansion belonged to Rihanna. He claimed he had been invited and wanted to give her poetry.

According to police, Barrow slept in a bed in the house because he believed it was Rihanna’s, stole personal items and had poetry written to the singer.

Rihanna was disturbed by Barrow’s behavior, her attorney Miles Cooley told the court, the New York Daily News reports. Rihanna experienced “substantial emotional distress and concern for her personal safety,” Cooley said.

In 2009, Rihanna had a restraining order against her on-again boyfriend Chris Brown after he beat her. She agreed to have the order removed in 2011.

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