Rihanna, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Rihanna just keeps on making news, and — as always — Framed is on the story. Is she back with Chris Brown? Totally not back with Chris Brown? We don't know, but this week we're featuring "We Found Love," the singer's very excellent video for the song that was #1 longer than any other last year.

The video, which seems to be about relationships, is disturbing in some ways: violence and drug use are fairly prominent themes. In fact, Christian pastors blasted her for "sexualizing women" (see "'We Found Love' Video Blasted by Pastors for Sexualizing Women in The Christian Post) and anti-rape campaigners dubbed it a disgrace (see "Rihanna's video for 'We Found Love' is 'a disgrace', say anti-rape campaigners" in the NME.)

Still, the song was a smash hit, and has already been covered by Coldplay, Chris Allen, and the folks at Glee. Despite the naysayers, Rihanna just keeps on rollin'.

Framed is astonishingly non-judgmental, of course — hey, it's all just captions to us! — so sit back and scroll down, and enjoy Rihanna on as many levels as possible!

1 — "Well, of course it was a wet dream. I mean, Jesus."

2 — It appears that Rihanna is — yes! — out standing in her field!

3 — "Freeing the Smoke Genie has, historically, meant the end of dissonant, non sequitur captions."

4 — "'World's #1 Dad' coffee mugs? I laugh at 'World's #1 Dad' coffee mugs!"

5 — "Help us, humans! We're slaves to Big Pharma! Something like you, but less ambulant!"

6 — "Damn! Target really did have Rihanna on sale!"

7 — It's unusual when a gaming device directly addresses our readers, but it does happen.

8 — "I read Framed for its strong Christian message!"

9 — "But have you considered the patch?"

10 — Everybody loves Romney!

11 — "Please, God, please. Please make this the last caption."