Rebecca Black Parties from ‘Friday’ Into ‘Saturday’ – Watch the New Video

Laura Ferreiro
Yahoo Music

For anyone who didn't get enough "partyin', partyin' yeah!" done on "Friday," "Saturday" has arrived ... and there's no sign that the party will stop anytime soon. Rebecca Black has released the follow-up to her infamous "Friday" video, which went viral on YouTube and has been viewed a few hundred million times.

Not surprisingly, the tune is called "Saturday," and the video chronicles 16-year-old Black and her friends non-stop partying throughout the weekend. The video features plenty of PG-rated fun, including a whipped cream fight, some poker playing, cruising around in a convertible (sound familiar?), lighting sparklers on the beach, and a lot of dancing.

There's also a Miley Cyrus imitator who gets her twerk on in her underwear, and a pants-less guy in a button-down shirt who busts out some Risky Business moves circa 1983 Tom Cruise.

Meanwhile, Black is the life of the party, dancing, singing and arriving at the shindig looking confident in some stylish sunglasses and busting out some impressive dance moves. The song and video also feature fellow YouTube sensation Dave Days, who parties with the gang and reminds us "this is our night/ain't got no deadlines."

Black has obviously matured since her "Friday," days, and it appears that the widespread criticism of the tune hasn't gotten her down. "Saturday" is another poppy number featuring some innocuous club beats, but thankfully it's got a bit more edge and some slightly more intelligent lyrics than "Friday," which was considered by many to be one of the decade's worst songs.

The song and video share a lot in common with Cyrus' mega-hit "We Can't Stop"; from the "It's our party we can do what we want" theme to the refusal to let the party end. While no giant teddy bears show up in Black's video, there is a giant stuffed Stegosaurus that Black straddles.

Despite the haters and the jokes at her expense, Black will likely have the last laugh. The "Saturday" video has already been viewed on YouTube more than 9 million times, and she's selling the song on iTunes for 99 cents a pop, so it's quite conceivable she'll soon be laughing all the way to the bank.