Reality Rocks’ Lyndsey Parker Guests On ‘The X Factor’ Finale’s Live Preshow

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

On Thursday night before "The X Factor's" big finale, I had the honor of guesting on the live preshow alongside backstage correspondent Jim Cantiello, hosts Adrienne Bailon (of 3LW/Cheetah Girls fame) and Jesse Giddings, Adrienne's best friend and "Empire Girls" co-star Julissa Bermudez, and "X Factor" digital content producer Jim Fraenkel. What ensued was a very lively and frank "X Factor" debate. Enjoy our chat below, in its unedited entirety, but do kindly ignore all that stuff Jim and I say about underdogs Fifth Harmony having a chance of winning Season 2. Obviously we were wrong about that...but we had plenty of other things to say that you'll hopefully agree with, or at least find entertaining:

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