Randy Travis In Deep Trouble With The Law Again–Arrested Nude For DWI

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It's been quite a difficult year for Randy Travis. And, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be getting any better. The country star is behind bars for the second time in 2012, after an arrest on suspicion of driving while intoxicated--and naked--Tuesday night in Texas.

Travis was picked up by the cops for public intoxication earlier this year, but the circumstances surrounding this arrest appear considerably more serious. A report from TMZ broke the news that the singer had crashed his car close to midnight near his hometown of Tioga, was found lying in the road nude at the scene, and verbally threatened the officer who arrived to investigate.

Local news KTEN confirmed the details, and Grayson County police released a report including information that Travis refused to cooperate with a blood or breath test, as well as made "threats to shoot and kill" the officers transporting him.

Travis's mug shot shows the star looking battered and bruised, but it's not confirmed or clear that the injuries were a result of the crash. No other cars were involved.

He was charged Wednesday with a felony of "retaliation" for his alleged aggression toward the officer, as well as the expected DWI. Bond is set at $20k and $1500.00, respectively, for the two charges.

Travis's previous arrest was in early February, when he was found parked in front of a church with an open bottle of wine. The star--who claimed first he had been fighting with a girlfriend, then said he was celebrating Super Bowl Sunday--was charged with a misdemeanor and released a few hours later.

In addition to his problems with the law, Travis has been grappling with his ex-wife and former manager Elizabeth, whom he divorced in 2010 after 20 years of marriage. The couple fired off dueling lawsuits against each other in April and May--Elizabeth's claiming breach of contract, Randy's accusing sabotage of his career.

In late September 2011, Travis collapsed on stage mid-performance at a benefit show. Doctors stated the incident was due to a combination of dehydration, caffeine and allergy medication usage, and overheating.

There was no immediate comment from Travis's camp on his most recent arrest as of Wednesday morning. The singer has tour dates scheduled starting August 17, as well as a benefit performance for a veterans' charity at Tampa's Republican National Convention August 29.

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