Queen, Framed

John Kordosh
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This week, at long last, we welcome the great Queen to our blog. We have no idea why it's taken all these years to get these guys in here, but it's a happy day all around.

Queen, of course, were one of the biggest acts in rock history -- but let's let Wikipedia do the talking:

"The band has released a total of 18 number one albums, 18 number one singles, and 10 number one DVDs. Estimates of their album sales generally range from 150 million to 300 million albums, making them one of the world's best-selling music artists."

Yes, they were that big. And rather than cheese out with an obvious mega-hit, we're posting the excellent "Radio Ga Ga," off their 1984 album, The Works. The song -- which gave Lady Gaga her stage name, of course -- is a damning indictment of commercial radio, a subject no other artist had ever pondered. And the video is a charming retro nod to Fritz Lang's Metropolis, the classic 1927 expressionist film that accurately predicted the horrifying dystopia in which we now live.

All in all, it's great!

Please enjoy the video, the captions, and your cat, if you have one. They only live 12 to 14 years!\

1 -- Of all the socialist paradises so far, Obama's is the best!

2 -- "And, on X-Factor, Simon's pulling out all the stops! More on this in 80 years!"

3-- "Come, Fluffy! Your war against wind-blown leaves can't be won by conventional means!"

4 -- "Let analog threaten Queen? I say thee, nay!"

5 -- "Whoa! You mean we've all forgotten the Prime Directive?"

6 -- Framed: The Coffee Table Book is now available in Canadia!

7 -- "This looks like a job for Cleavage Girl! Or somebody like her!"

8 -- "Nope, he's not here either, guys. His name is really Jar Jar?"

9 -- Next they would force Magneto to put a little love in his heart!

10 -- There are ways to make people listen to Rush albums. Oh, there are ways.

11 -- "Why, if this science instrument is correct, I'll need 1.21 gigawatts to simply translate the readers' posts into English!"

12 -- But would readers accept that a geyser named Glurpo was malevolent and a threat to other made-up characters? Nobody knew!