Pyramid Songs

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To many, pyramids are mysterious, even spiritually guided constructions. Some far out ideas include the Orion correlation theory, which says that there is a link between that pyramids at Giza in Egypt and three stars in the constellation Orion. Did ancient aliens help us build the pyramids?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say no. And further, if you believe ancient astronaut theories, I would strongly suggest you demand a lot more evidence in the future, and that you put the crack pipe down.

As far as the pyramid is concerned, a more logical reason for their appearance across the globe is a functional one. With less weight on the top of the structure, and a simple, sloped design that forces water away from the structure, it makes complete sense that our ancestors built large pyramids.

No aliens required.

For this playlist, I simply pulled together a bunch of quality songs from many different genres that use the word "pyramid" in the song title. So while you ponder the mystical questions of the pyramid, this can be your soundtrack.

What would you add?

Pyramid Songs

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