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Punish Fort, Framed

John Kordosh
October 15, 2013

Welcome back to Framed, readers. This week, we're presenting the Best Video We've Ever Seen.

It's the work of Punish Fort, a Seattle-based hard rock band, and is from their 2008 album, the niftily-titled Cripe, All Mighty. The song, about a creepy pumpkin-headed being, is called "Pumpkinhead," and--although it's absolutely the most obscure video to ever grace our blog--it shows that great art is not the province of the corporations. Good work, Punish Fort!

Pumpkinhead, unsurprisingly, is no friend to we humans. Watch as a terrorized citizen attempts to flee, only to be cornered by the cunning vegetable-man! Quake at Pumpkinhead's macabre stand-up routine! Listen as Punish Fort repeats the word "pumpkinhead" interminably!

What do you say, readers? Can you name a better music video? Should Punish Fort be forever remembered as geniuses of the art form? Should we go back to doing today's hottest-selling artists?

We await your verdict as well as your breathless thanks!

1 -- Science now believes that rock bands can suck under many lighting conditions.

2 -- "Hey. I can actually see a good blog from up here."

3 -- "Even my near-limitless power may be tested by the mighty Pumpkinhead," brooded Gummo, The Sentient Bubble.

4 -- "Despair, humans, at my ability to speak without a mouth."

5 -- Everyone's still digging OneRepublic!

6 -- "I'm in love with her and I feel vine!"

7 -- "I demand the humans proclaim me The Prime Vegetable! And stop with the Thanksgiving pies already."

8 -- "I can summon an army of Pumpkinheads, if necessary, all named Gordy."

9 -- "Phew. Carving a Jack-O-Human is hard work."

10 - "I vow that, this time, the criminal Billy Corgan shall not go unpunished!"

11 -- "All the single ladies! All the single ladies!"

12 -- "Junior?"