Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ Video Ties for a Huge Record, Banned by South Korean Broadcaster

Wendy Geller
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While many people were quick to write off Psy as a one-hit wonder--his breakout "Gangnam Style" holds the record as the most-viewed video of all time--it appears that the South Korean rapper has the last laugh in this respect. Psy's follow-up clip for "Gentleman" is now tying the record for the fastest video to hit 100 million views.

"Gentleman," which debuted worldwide on April 13, hit that viewing milestone in a mere three days, which puts the clip neck-and-neck with the video of a meteor that hit Russia in February, according to video performance analysis blog Visible Measures.

The Russian video's speed in gaining views "made sense because the news story relied on user-uploaded videos of the meteor," explains Visible Measures."The speed with which 'Gentleman' is garnering views has less to do with its newsworthiness than with viewer’s curiosity to see how Psy would follow the success of 'Gangnam Style,' the most viewed video of all time."

The top 5 videos in the race to reach 100 million views also include Red Bull's world-record Stratos jump, the Kony 2012 awareness campaign, and Susan Boyle's audition for Britain's Got Talent.

In other "Gentleman" news, the video may suffer some exposure issues in Psy's own home country, due to a bit of an issue with a major local broadcaster. The clip has been banned due to a specific scene that has a major local broadcaster unhappy--namely, the opening part where Psy kicks a traffic cone. The cone reads "No Parking" in Korean, and apparently, state-funded channel KBS considers this abuse of public property; therefore, not complying with their public broadcast standards.

They've banned videos for similar reasons before, according to spokespersons for the company.

Psy has not commented on the ban.