Prince Stuns Janelle Monae With Singing Telegram

Laura Ferreiro
Stop The Presses!

By Laura Ferreiro

These days it's pretty rare to get a singing telegram, but imagine receiving one directly from one of your musical icons. This happened to none other than Janelle Monae, and it was sent to her by his purple majesty himself...Prince!

To celebrate the release of Monae's new album The Electric Lady, which came out Tuesday, Prince rewrote the lyrics to his hit tune "Kiss" and arranged for someone to deliver it as a singing telegram to Monae in her dressing room.

The surprise delivery was captured on video. Check it out around the two-minute mark:

In the clip, initially the "Tightrope" singer doesn't realize that the telegram has been sent by Prince, and she dances along as a man dressed in a sparkly tuxedo attempts to sing the Purple One's lyrics (flubbing them a couple of times). Monae then asks the delivery man where he came from, and when he reveals that Prince sent him, she's floored. "Prince sent you here?" she asks in disbelief. "Are you f---ing kidding?"

She then takes the lyric sheet and reads the words aloud, still stunned and thrilled that the telegram was sent to her by her musical hero. "You don't have to be Janelle Monae to be electric/You just need to keep your dignity when your life gets hectic/You don't need experience to get some clout/You don't need friends like Prince to show you what it's all about."

Okay, maybe the lyrics aren't as poetic as the original "Kiss," but they're really quite sweet just the same.

Prince also delivers guest vocals on Monae's new album.