This Is What It Sounds Like When Prince Intervenes in Audience Member's Love Life on 'Arsenio'

Tiffany Lee
Yahoo Music

It was truly sublime intervention on the "Arsenio Hall Show" last night when Prince granted one lovelorn audience member a wish: The Purple One dumped the guy's girlfriend for him.

The eccentric music icon was the sole guest on Hall's show Wednesday night, and performed several songs, including a new song entitled "FUNKNROLL" backed up by his New Power Generation and an 11-piece horn section.

But what really shone through was the musician's aptitude for comedy, highlighted by a phone call on behalf of audience member Steven to his long-distance girlfriend Keegan. As Steven explained it, Keegan had started cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend. The couple had their first date at a Prince concert with 3rdEyeGirl, so it was only appropriate that the relationship end with Prince as well.

The show rang up Keegan, and when it came down to breaking the bad news, Prince delivered it in a very special way: with his own lyrics.

"Steven's a good guy but I have a message for you, for him," Prince began. "In this relationship, things are much harder than in the single world [audience applause at the edited lyrics from "Let's Go Crazy"). In this life, you're on your own. Keegan, this is what it sounds like when Steven breaks up with you [a la "When Doves Cry"]."

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Prince has been showcasing his comic chops in recent weeks, beginning with his enthusiastic bid to guest star on Fox's post-Super Bowl episode of "New Girl." Throughout Wednesday's "Arsenio," Prince let fly one joke after another, from people always touching his hair, to his omlette-cooking skills, to his #Princestagram.

For someone so well-known for having one of the greatest mystiques in music, it seems like Prince is having a blast letting his hair down. Just don't touch it.

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