Pretend You Went to Bonnaroo: Watch These Five Videos!

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Perhaps you tried to experience Bonnaroo from the comfort of your home this weekend. If you did that, you didn't actually see some of the most talked-about sets, because as a slew of negative comments on YouTube's Bonnaroo hub indicate, things did not go so well in webcast-land ("Worst webcast EVER! VEVO has ruined a wonderful event that I was SO looking forward to..the stream quality is horrible..thumbs down!"). So if you are planning to roll around in dirt and show off your fake tan in the office today claiming you attended the Tennessee fest, remember to complain about the heat and moan about the hippies -- and watch these five videos first so you know what you're talking about:

Biggest In Cognito Awesome-a-Thon: Deer Tick masquerade as Nirvana, playing "In Bloom" (below) and "Aneurysm" as... wait for it... Deervana.

Biggest Whoa: It's impossible to watch Arcade Fire play "Wake Up" to a giant crowd and not feel like rock & roll is changing the world.

Biggest Set Closer: OK, Eminem brought fireworks, but Florence + the Machine know precisely when and how to break out their killer hit "Dog Days Are Over" (with harp!).

Biggest Badass: None of the official streams captured the manic ferocity of Eminem's set -- check him out bounding around to "Without Me" for a hint as to how hyped up Slim got for his headlining set.

Biggest Southern Jam: Widespread Panic did their thing, but My Morning Jacket showed what the fest is all about on a thrilling version of "I'm Amazed."

By Caryn Ganz

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