Playlist: An Ode To Star Trek

Robert of the Radish
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If you've made a visit to Google in the past couple days you probably noticed the cool interactive Star Trek Google Doodle. Although I've seen Doodles that let you play little games, this is the first time I have seen one of this kind. You can click around to trigger sound effects from the original series, use the transporter, and even fight an alien.  Google has created the Doodle to recognize the 46th anniversary of the series.

I did not become a fan of Star Trek until The Next Generation, and although I would not consider myself a "Trekkie", I do really enjoy the show and its premise. There is no denying that the series has had a huge impact on popular culture. In fact, Star Trek is responsible for a whole subset of geek culture that endures to this day, and shows no sign of slowing down.

I thought I would join in the celebration with this playlist of a dozen songs inspired by Star Trek.

This playlist only scratches the surface, so tell me, what would be on your Star Trek-themed list?

Playlist: An Ode To Star Trek

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