Playlist: An Ode To Bacon

Robert of the Radish
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I've always been a fan of bacon, but lately it seems like bacon has reached new heights of fame. On a flight home early this week I picked up a Skymall magazine and saw bacon print pillows and throws for sale. Later that evening, after arriving home and stretching out to relax with some TV, I saw an ad for a new cable show called the "United States Of Bacon". While I would not argue that bacon is indeed delicious, a full television series dedicated to it?


Last year, the UK’s National Pig Association sounded the alarm by claiming the world was headed for a massive bacon shortage. Maybe this is why bacon is seeing such a resurgence? I'm not sure, but with all the bacon talk lately I was inspired to create a playlist dedicated to our favorite greasy delight.

This playlist includes songs about bacon, inspired by bacon or that feature the word "bacon" in the song title.

So the next time you're frying up a big pan of bacon, put this playlist on and pay homage to the pork!

Playlist: An Ode To Bacon

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