Playlist: Halloween Dance Party

Robert of the Radish
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Halloween is not just for kids. Even now, when I find myself dressing up my own children to take them around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating, my wife forces me to put on some costume that she's  picked out so we can go to numerous costume parties.

No matter how much I complain about having to do it (and I do complain every year) it's still always a great time. There's just something incredibly fun about taking on a role and seeing people's creativity come to life.

Every Halloween party needs music. The biggest problem for me when selecting a Halloween playlist is not finding songs (there are thousands to choose from), it's deciding what genre to go with. Ambient spooky music is my personal favorite, but this is a better fit for greeting trick-or-treaters. If you're hosting an adult party, you may want to get people onto the dance floor to enjoy themselves.

This playlist has been designed to do just that.

It features a dozen songs with a Halloween theme that will make you want to move.

What would you add?

Playlist: Halloween Dance Party

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